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Sifu Paul Simpson began his journey in martial arts with chi kung, and then embarked on learning Kung Fu too. He has learnt Chow Gar Tong Long (praying mantis kung fu) to instructor level, and has passed his Master grade in Wing Chun. After searching for different internal aspects of chi kung and conditioning, he discovered Nam Yang Pugilistic Association, and found that Master Iain Armstrong was teaching a combination of all the things he was in search of, but in a clear and concise manner- making it possible to really learn and understand the finer points of inner workings.

Sifu Paul has learnt the Shuang Yang art directly from his teacher, Master Iain Armstrong, two time world champion and guardian of the Tiger-Crane Kung Fu system. Master Iain studied the Shuang Yang art under  Master Tan Soh Tin, since 1987. Master Tan was one of only a handful of people to learn from Grand Master Ang Lian Huat in Singapore. He often recalls that in his later years, Grand Master Ang often expressed regret that he did not spend more time practising Shuang Yang in his youth since, if he had, he would have aged much more slowly. He learned the art from the monk Miao Sian Meng from the Shaolin temple in the city of Quan Zhou, in Fukien province, China. He in turn learned from the monk Xiao Dan Qing. Before this, the art was practised in the original Southern Shaolin Temple in Fukien province by generations of monks. Today our art is practised in a number of countries, spread over several continents. True quality endures. A strong spirit never fades

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