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Tai Chi Practice Seen from above

Lewisham Tai Chi

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Chi Kung and Tai Chi in the Heart of Lewisham

(10mins from London Bridge)

Shuang Yang
White Crane Tai Chi

Shuang Yang Pei Ho Rou Rouan Chien

White Crane Tai Chi, better known as Shuang Yang, is the internal form of the Shaolin White Crane arts and is a rare style of kung fu. It is performed in a very soft, relaxed way, gently opening the Chi flow in the meridians, training elasticity into all of the tendons and massaging the internal organs. We are always happy for new people to join us in learning and sharing this rare art, so get in touch with us today.

Sun Frost White Crane Soft And Gentle Art


Why Learn White Crane Tai Chi

External Health Begins Within, Internal Work Begins Without

Shuang Yang training is a genuine ‘meditation in motion’. It requires sinking of the Chi, calming of the mind and breathing from the core of the body. Regular practice greatly improves health, vitality and combats ageing. Shuang Yang practice involves a great deal of flexing and twisting in the torso, as well as opening the meridians and energizing the tendons, which strengthens muscles that we do not usually use. It also wrings out and cleanses the internal organs, pushing fluids along their course and manipulating the joints of the spine, keeping things moving freely to promote a healthy core, body, mind and soul.


Chi Kung & Pushing Hands

Change Begins Within....

Every class we start with Chi Kung, the energy work that lies at the heart of all kung fu, bringing many health benefits by developing a steady flow of chi through the body. Chi can loosely be described as the "life force" within us, and the stronger the flow of chi through our system, the better our body will function, internally and externally.

Pushing Hands is a training drill between two partners that develops our understanding of how to control the balance between our external and internal power.


Weekly Classes

Your Journey Starts Here

We know that taking the first step is the hardest. Whether you're brand new, intermediate, or skilled - We have a place for You! Join us for a free trial and after this you will be part of a Kung Fu Family, and will never walk alone again.

Classes are currently Tuesdays From 7pm-8:15pm

Contact Us

Nam Yang Lewisham

Zhulin Hidden Village

100-104 Lewisham High Street

SE13 5JH 

07727 103501

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Easily Accessible From:-

Catford, Brockley, Ladywell, Greenwich, Blackheath, New Cross, Hither Green, Lee, Forest Hill

10mins from London Bridge

 London, England

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